Training your dog not to bark

First of all, let me say this: barking is okay. Your dog has every right to bark – dogs bark period.
We need to dissect when ”barking becomes a problem” from ”just barking” as a part of your dog’s ethogram.
In what situations do you find barking disturbing? Under what conditions barking is not desired.
Is it when you walk by another dog? Or maybe when guests come to the house, or when you live your dog alone in the house?



When barking is the problem?

Identifying when barking is a problem is the first step to the behavior modification program. Please always have in mind what we said at the beginning of this article: barking is okay. Dogs bark. Only when barking starts to be excessive and by that I mean daily, ongoing barking. I addition, dog presents other ”behaviors” like panting, repetitive movement, chasing one’s tail, biting, increased heart rate, dilated pupils, shaking – it’s not only advisable but crucial to help your dog. Make sure you check out our online dog training classes to find professionals who can help you and your dog.

In this article, we will address barking around the front doors

How to train your dog not to bark? If your dog barks when you approach front doors, we can do a few things to modify his behavior. I will focus on one of them more precisely and only mention the other options you have.

1. Put barking behavior on stimulus control.

In other words: barking happens around the front door only on cue you give. If you don’t give the cue – default behavior will be ”silence.” You will need to capture barking. Every time your dog barks – click and treat. Yea, I haven’t gotten crazy. I want you to reinforce … Read the rest


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